Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, looking north from Flinders Street (c. 1900) 
Sunset over Port Phillip Bay

(Photograph by Chris Mitchell)
Martenero mechanical watches

The Castel mororcycle helmet by Les Ateliers Ruby

(From my collection)

Aston Martin DBS Coupe in Paris

Bike by the Lake

Photograph by my friend Oliver Garrett-Jones, taken at Lake Burley-Griffin during an early morning Autumn fog this week.

A Pause by the Lake
Elysian Idyll: Mundane meets transmundane
Eating poetry
The Bilora Bella 66 camera, from 1956
Lake Burley-Griffin at sunset
Minoan bull leaping - frieze
Shalom Harlow in Christian Dior haute couture dressed and styled à la Ancient Minoan fashion as depicted on archaeological finds 
 Fall/Winter 1997 (designer: John Galliano) 
Striking Imagery: Patrice falling

(A frame from Skyfall, from the highly stylised fight between Patrice and James Bond in a Shanghai skyscraper)