Keep pushing that rock
The Lannisters
Viewing the Big Bang.
A sensitive microwave telescope at the South Pole announced the discovery of polarization distortions in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation recently, which is the observable afterglow of the Big Bang.
Ferrari P3 
(Photo by Alexis Goure)
Three generations of aircraft developed by the Skunk Works: an F-117 Nighthawk, the X-35A Joint Strike Fighter demonstrator; an SR-71 Blackbird; and the X-35A Joint Strike Fighter demonstrator, which at this point was still about four months away from its first flight.
(Photo by Marty Wolin)
Illuminated illustration of sword and buckler combat, with padded jerkins: Colored plate from the manuscript Tacuinum Sanitatis, illustrated in Lombardy, ca. 1390
Sony World Photography Awards 2013
Location: The Community Centre SESC Pompiao Paulo, Brazil. Architect: Lina Bo Bardi, Photographer: Max van Son
Samba Primeknit
The world’s first knitted football boot
Lingerie and typewriters 
Greatest looking F1 engine ever
Ferrari, 1967
Kings County Distillery, Brooklyn